Teleradiology Support Solutions

Teleradiology Solutions

With ever increasing medical imaging demands and an ever-shrinking Radiologist pool, how can the needs of the patient population we all serve be best fulfilled? On one side, overburdened radiologists can’t keep up; at the same time radiologists with excess capacity often do not have the resources or connections necessary to expand their practices.

Our teleradiology solution is straightforward and benefits not only radiologists but the greater community of imaging professionals, and most importantly, the patients. By forming and managing partnership networks between radiologists and imaging professionals, studies are efficiently interpreted in a cost effective and timely manner. By partnering with Study Overflow Solutions, the referring physicians have their reports when needed, on-site radiologists are not overburdened with increasing demands for shorter turn around times, and the imaging professionals are better able to meet their contract requirements. Everyone wins and the opportunities created for expansion of services for both radiologists and referring physicians are great.

Our primary focus is on teleradiology services; we offer all stakeholders in our partnership model, including imaging professionals, radiologists, referring physicians and patients, a high level of flexibility while maintaining the highest quality standards, monitored and promoted throughout the entire process by our rigorous Quality Assurance Program.

For our imaging professionals, the benefits are comprehensive. We can deliver tailor-made service; in fact, as we start every new relationship, we review all imaging needs and develop a comprehensive service and delivery contract. All terms and delivery needs are put in writing and we guarantee the level of service. Guaranteed production of finalized reports within a dedicated time window is only part of our service; we also offer practice analysis including optimization suggestions and other best practices consulting if so desired.

We are truly excited about this venture and hope that you will join us in our vision to deliver a higher quality of teleradiology service while providing significantly mutual benefits to all members in the imaging chain. Please contact us for any and all questions you may have about our teleradiology solutions. We look forward to partnering with you!

Most Sincerely,
Genena Kriewaldt,

Co-founder and President